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Name: Sid(ra)

Location: Hong Kong, China

Age: 15

List: My list

About Me:  
I'm fifteen. I love reading, photography, doodling and writing. I play video games way too much sometimes. I suck at sports. I'm 5"7 most of the time. I hate summer and winter. And spring, come to think of it. Autumn is utterly brilliant. I'm a mixed breed and I dabble in witchcraft! Okay, no, not really...I'm currently in tenth grade and I will do anything to get out of this rut called school. It's major pain in the bum, you know? I love music. Who doesn't? Panic at the Disco, The Academy Is..., Fall Out Boy are awesome. I love indie bands. I love laughing. I love collecting books. I love everything but math, bad people, fakes and liars. My obsession's are like my thoughts. Utterly random. Currently my brain's relaxing so I'm basically word vomit. Ewww.

About My List:  
My list is not really all that different from the others but it fits me. It shows my likes, dislikes and such. I'd love to do and be a lot of things; many of them not even possible. But, hey, according to my dad (and the bloody world): Nothing is impossible! Impossible is nothing! My list is inspired by life, in general and also current events. Which is like life, really :P

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Intro post

Hi everyone!

Name: Rach
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 17
List: my list

About Me: I'm still at school. I love movies, writing, music and photography.
I can be loud, occasionally funny, and very stubborn :P
I can also be very passionate and very silly.
My favourite movies are generally either full of action, or touching. (Think Casino Royale, the Bourne Series, Finding Neverland and Blood Diamond)
My favourite music is similar - emotive, meaningful, that kind of stuff. (Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and a lot of sountracks)

Things that do not amuse me include dangerously stupid people in power (read: Sarah Palin), global warming, superficiality, and some forms of instant gratification.

What inspires me? Well, I write a lot, and I draw inspiration from everywhere. TV, movies, personal experiences, photos, art, conversations, everything.)

About My List: Most of what makes up my list is travel. There are more places that I want to go to than I don't. This is probably due to a family I trip I went on last year to the US.  It was full of incredible experiences that left me pining for more for what felt like months.  My other goals generally reflect my interests - writing, movies, etc.

I'm keen to make new friends, so if you like what you see here, there's plenty more of it at my journal :)

Have a lovely day.

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Hello =)

Name: Tara
Location: Toms River, New Jersey
Age: 22
List: my list

About Me: (talk about yourself, likes, dislikes, what inspires you, goals, etc.)

If you ask my friends to describe me they would say that I am quirky and kind. I like to think that is fairly accurate. =) I'm current in college part-time studying to become a nurse. In addition to this I work part-time (though with my hours it's pretty much full-time) as a pharmacy technician. In my spare time, whatever little I have of it, I absolutely love to read and listen to music. They are my passions. My main goal in life is just to be happy and successful. I am inspired by books, music, and my family and friends.

About My List: (talk about your list, what kind of things do you want to do, what inspires your list, etc.) '

My list is kind of random. It contains a bunch of things, from fun/silly to pretty serious, that I really want to do at some point in my life. When you look at it you'll notice that I have a lot of travel goals...I really want to see as much of the world as I can!
i promise forever.

hi (:

Name: Lynn.
Location: AB, Canada.
Age: 13! (:
List: my list

About Me: (talk about yourself, likes, dislikes, what inspires you, goals, etc.)
my name's lynn and yes, i'm actually 13 years old. what inspired me to do my own list was the numerous things that were skittering around my head trying to get organized. DDD: i'm quite random and hyper. I LIKE CAPSLOCK TOO! i like reading. a lot. and i like smilies :D

About My List: (talk about your list, what kind of things do you want to do, what inspires your list, etc.)
most of the things on my list will be attempted to be completed later on in my life ... but i will strive to complete 'em! but, the things on my list will randomly pop into my head. and i'll go "HEY. I SO WANNA DO THAT!!" and whatnot. i wanna have the time later on in my life and be all "I DID THAT!" and be kiddish about it (aka brag in a nice way :D) just like in transformers 8D but anyways, nothing really in particular inspires my list, i'll see it and want to do it, or it'll just randomly pop into my head.

introduction time!

Name: Melissa
Location: Minnesota
Age: 20
List: my list

About Me: i've recently discovered that i'm a very eclectic person - i change my likes and dislikes from time to time and i hate ever trying to pinpoint myself as one exact personality/archetype. but there are some things that will always stay the same: i'm incredibly opinionated, stubborn, loyal, and sarcastic. i absolutely love cadbury chocolate, the rain, my gigantic movie collection, and dressing up. a goal of mine in life is to eventually live somewhere overseas, whether it be in europe or latin america.

About My List: my main list (my "to-do list") is a list of things i want to do/accomplish in my lifetime. i want to set some milestones for myself so i can look back and actually think i've accomplished something while i'm here on earth. haha. nothing in particular really inspires the list - in fact, some of the things i've added to it have been quite random, just popping into my head at will.
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Name: Stephanie
Location: FL, USA
Age: 23
List: my list

About Me: (talk about yourself, likes, dislikes, what inspires you, goals, etc.)
I recently graduated from college with a BS and I plan to go back at some point to get a Master's in Reading Education. I'm hyper and random, I can't seem to keep my mind on one thing (unless I'm reallllllly focused on it.) I love to be organized.

About My List: (talk about your list, what kind of things do you want to do, what inspires your list, etc.)
My list consist of random things that I've thought "I want to do that!" throughout my life. They are things that may help me become a better person or help others. Some things on my list will push me to achieve some dreams I have.
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the lists.

Here you may post a comment with a link to your list, ONLY if you would like to be added to the list. Your link will be added in alphabetical order according to your username. Please let me know if your list is friends only or private. If it is public, you just need to post the link. Don't worry if your entry is not finished, as long as you started an entry you can post the link here.

the to-do lists.
asianxcutie: list
bombsawaaaay: list
ephee: list
hermyownee: list
invicta_affect: list
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posting rules.

Posting for this community is moderated in hopes to keep the community organized. Just follow the rules and only post entries relating to the community. Posts allowed relate to a specific tag that must be used every time. An explanation of the posts are listed below. If your post is not approved it is because it doesn't follow the rules, so just make sure your entry meets all the requirements. (If you have any suggestions of posts allowed, please comment here.)

the rules.
01. You MUST use community approved tags. The tags are listed below.
02. Only posts related to the community are allowed AND please use tags. (Check out the tags & info below.)
03. Do NOT post your entire list in an entry. You may post a link to your list in your entry.
04. If you'd like to just share your list, please refer to this post.
05. No bashing!
06. ONE PICTURE is allowed outside of a cut. MUST BE LESS that 300 pixels (width) please.

the tags & posts allowed.
(These are the tags allowed, in bold, and an explanation of the post.)
Use this tag when posting an entry where you document any item(s) on your list. If there is more that one item, then one item is allowed outside of an LJ-CUT. Please post the rest behind the cut.

Use this tag when suggesting idea(s) to add to the list. Links, books, words, pictures, music, etc. is allowed (just follow the rules). You MUST give an explanation about the suggestion. You can say why it inspires you or how it is helpful.

Use this tag when posting something helpful for the list itself. For example, anything that would help organize the list, icons made specifically for it, graphics to beautify it, css/html codes, etc. This entry is about the ENTIRE LIST itself, not a specific item.
Use this tag when posting something helpful about documenting in a entry focused on items. This is similar to those helpful to the entire list. This is just focused on the documenting entry. REMEMBER not focused on the item itself. (Examples: graphics, icons, css/html, pictures, etc.)

Use this tag when/if you introduce yourself. Talk about yourself and your list.
(Please use the following. Just copy & paste.)
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laliste, the to-do list for your life.

Have you ever had several things you wanted to do in your life? Have you forgotten about them or can't keep track of each thing? Do you want new and exciting things to do? Do you want to be inspired to try something new just for the heck of it? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the community for you.

the idea.
The idea is to create a "Lifetime To-Do List" entry at your journal. You list every little thing you want to do in no particular order. Whenever you think of something new don't forget to add it to the list right away. This way you keep track of everything. The second part is document each item on your list in your journal. You can do this however you like, with words, photographs, sketches, music, etc. You can do this in the original entry or in separate entries (post the link on the original page). (Here is my to-do list, if you need an example.)

the things.
Now you are probably wondering, "What kind of things should I put on my list?" The answer, anything. You can list places you want to see, things you want to do, things you want to create, things you want to take pictures of or write about, goals to complete, etc. Not item is too small or too big for this list. The goal of the list is to do something new from time to time. However, if there is something you want to revisit that is good too. (But try to change it up a bit and don't do the exact same thing. Try it in a different way.)

the questions.
Is there a limit or minimum amount of items for the list?
No, it is your list. You can have however many you would like. The goal is to constantly add things to your list. However, if you want to keep the list small, that is your choice and completely fine with the community.

What if I don't want to document each item?
I can't tell you how to run your list, so if you choose not to document the items that is your choice. However, if you just mention it in a entry, that is documenting it (even if it is just a small sentence).

Does my list have to be public?
No, it doesn't have to be. You are entitled to your own privacy. However, making the list public for others to see may inspire new ideas for others. (And it is always nice to share.)

Can I post an entry here? What can I post?
Yes, you can. Posting will be moderated. This doesn't mean that the moderator(s) will be strict about posts. It is just to make sure that community is organized and doesn't get chaotic. There are a few rules for posting in this community, please read the posting rules before trying to post.

the links.
+ Listography
+ 43 Things

If you have any other questions about the community, please post them here. They will be answered as quickly as possible.